Does Slendertone Really Work?

Published: 19th June 2009
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If you've been wondering the easiest way to get great abdominal muscle, or even just reinforce your mid-section to protect your back, this short text is going to let you know what can be expected from the Slendertone Ab Belt. You may understand why there's so much focus on abs in our society as well as the thinking that is behind the Slendertone system in their approach to the need. We will also look at whether the whole idea is any good and if folks really get the results they are hoping, and paying for. By the end of this quick article you'll have a pretty good idea of whether or not the Slendertone Ab System is is what you want or not.

It is no surprise that so many of us in America today are interested in improving our abs. Powerful , well defined abs are not just very tasty, but they are also important functionally. Robust abs means a powerful mid-section, that will help prevent back wounds. When you understand that over eighty percent of Americans will suffer back trouble at some point in their lives, doing whatever you can in order to protect it creates a lot of sense.

When you add to that the fact that more and more of us are leading sedentary lives, we need all the help as we are able to get. We sit at our desks, in front of computers all day. We sit when we drive home. By the point we get home we don't have the time to work-out like we know we should. It is no wonder that late night infomercials promising quick, powerful, abs are so popular.

One such idea you may have seen is the Slendertone Ab Belt. The idea is that electronic beats sent to your abdominal muscles will cause a strong, static contraction. Over time this can increase the strength of your abdominal muscles and help flatten your belly. It is a great idea conceptually.

It is easy to see why this idea is so preferred. Firstly, you can be 'exercising' your abs anywhere, anytime by just wrapping the belt around you. When you are pushed for time, this is wonderful. You might even do it while you're at work or while driving home. However, the assumption that this will melt the fat off your belly is a bit far-fetched. Your best bet at reducing belly fat, or any fat for that matter, is getting better your diet and augmenting your exercise. Sorry, it's the hard truth.

So the question now is, does an electronic abdominal belt like Slendertone really work? Well, if you consider the fact that the company doesn't make unrealistic claims to start with, they stand a greater shot at delivering what they guarantee.

They guarantee stronger, tighter abs. The use of electronic muscle stimulation (also referred to as EMS) has been used for many years in the medical world and rehab, so they are using something which has been shown to work. And while it is true the gel pads will wear out and lose some stickiness with some use, the general development of the product is near medical grade, so it should last you a good, long time.

In the end it becomes obvious that robust, flat abs are a nice thing to have both functionally, for health reasons, reasons, as well as for general self confidence. It's also clear that it is troublesome for lots of us to find time time we want to implement the kind of severe exercise critical to make real improvements in our mid section. Using the convenient, proved strategy of EMS makes a large amount of sense. Just make sure you don't expect overnight results, or some type of miracle, and if you also include other exercise and healthy food choices into your lifestyle, the Slendertone Ab belt can be an excellent asset in getting those robust, flat abs that everyone seems to want so much. In fact, it is even being discussed here: Easy Abs With Slendertone

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